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If you are on this website, odds are you or someone you care about is frustrated with their health! We do things differently here. This is not a high volume clinic with a revolving door for patients.

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We use a wide array of treatments including Chiropractic adjustments, Intervertebral decompression, Focal Vibration Therapy and Whole Body Vibration, Advanced Class IV Laser Therapy, . . .

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Are you tired of just your symptoms getting treated? Are you looking for a correction once and for all? Then you have found the right place! Please give us a call or explore our site . . .

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The Practice of David M. Marquis, DC, DACBN

For over 15 years Dr. David Marquis has assisted thousands of patients find solutions to acute and chronic conditions without the use or with minimal of drugs or surgery. Through a metabolic and neurological approach to a patient's health conditions, not only can the causes be determined, but the patient can learn how to manage their own health and often without medication. This is the underlying goal of care in Dr. Marquis' office. Finding solutions and empowering patients to take their health back and become non-dependent on the broken insurance driven medical paradigm that plagues our country today.

When working with patients it is often identified that their real problem is a result of an unrecognized neuro-metabolic issue. This means that they may have metabolic dysfunction such as Blood Sugar Imbalances, Auto-Immune conditions, Anemias, Food Sensitivities, Latent Infections, or simple Nutritional Imbalances which are complicating normal metabolism.

Dr. Marquis and Family

Dr. Marquis' unique approach assures that his patients are:

  • Educated as to what caused their problem
  • In possession of a concise and well-defined treatment plan to correct their condition and
  • Empowered with knowledge of what they can do to prevent or minimize the possibility of the situation occurring in the future.

Patients should plan on at least an hour for initial visits and 30 minutes for follow-ups.

  Dr. Marquis with his family at Shell Beach.

How many people do you know that think they have some form of "ADD or Aspergers", or just get "Foggy in the Brain" and are forgetful of names and places or those who stumble or trip a lot. These are all subtle signs of a Brain Imbalance that affect health in ways that will totally surprise you. Patients who have unrecognized neurological symptoms due to an imbalance between their left and right brain hemispheres need help and medication isn't always the solution. Drugs treat the hemispheres equally, where as Brain Based Therapy can treat a specific area in the brain; effectively helping the patient recover from symptoms and conditions caused when the brain is imbalanced.

These unique therapies when combined with proper fuel delivery (metabolism) allow patients to succeed in overcoming their blocks to optimal health. After a complete evaluation which often includes full labs and physical exam along with history to determine the actual cause of complaints Dr. Marquis will implement an equally comprehensive treatment plan. He will leave no stone unturned to assist his patients in their recovery.

Some of the therapies that may be implemented include the myriad of brain based exercises that he teaches specific to each individuals needs. The Interactive Metronome, various exercises with oxygen therapy, the Turbosonic, the Rebuilder, and the K-Laser, are each done to provide specific vibration, electrical stimulation and photo (laser) therapy to speed the process of repair. Healing can finally occur when these therapies are combined with proper fuel delivery to the body. Specific metabolic plans work synergistically to correct food and environmental allergies as well as nutritional imbalances.

So regardless of whether your problem has been with you for decades and you have seen every doctor in the book it is worth the time to get in to see Dr. Marquis so you can get back to the healthy person you were meant to be and start enjoying your body rather than suffering in it! Check out our laser therapy testimonials, our nutritional success stories, and video testimonials to learn more about what to expect when you take your health back and empower yourself!

To determine if you are a good candidate for the recovery programs we offer here, call to schedule your consultation and evaluation with Dr. Marquis. We can send you the new patient forms, or you can download them from the New Patients page by Clicking Here.


Even prior to the specialty becoming a known entity Dr. Marquis had studied and practiced in the field of Functional and Integrative Medicine. For over 20 years he has trained extensively in the use of a systems oriented approach to resolve chronic health conditions. His office incorporates genetics, standard and advanced blood chemistry, food sensitivity and allergy testing, along with a complex evaluation of lifestyle and environmental factors which all influence the development of disease. This form of care has widely become known as Functional Medicine. It addresses the underlying cause of disease allowing him to provide answers to long standing inflammatory conditions, neurodegenerative and auto-immune disorders.

In addition to his degree in Biology and his Doctorate, Dr. Marquis is the only Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist in the San Luis Obispo County. He also holds certifications in Botanical Medicine, Class IV Laser Therapies, Manipulation Under Anesthesia, Interactive Metronome Therapies and is currently pursuing another Diplomate in Functional Neurology. As such his services are encompassed under the umbrella of Neuro-metabolic care which is the blending of the best of Brain Based Therapies and Clinical Nutrition.


David Marquis, DC

In regards to pure Chiropractic the following is a partial list of the named techniques that Dr. Marquis has trained in and may use with his patients if needed:

  • Diversified
  • Gonstead
  • SOT
  • Activator
  • Myofascial Release
  • NMR Neuromuscular Re-Education
    (an Active Release type of therapy)
  • Thompson Drop-Table
  • Cox Flexion-Distraction
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy
  • Nasal Specific / Endo Nasal
  • Strain-Counter Strain (an osteopathic-type technique)
  • Bowen
  • Numerous other techniques