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New Patient Intake Form

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New Patients: Please click here
to print out the complete packet.

Includes Metabolic Assessment and
Brain Health Assessment



Other Forms

The forms below are not the complete intake packet, only fill these out if you are looking for specific individual forms.

If you need to reprint an individual form or are seeing Dr. Marquis for Vertigo, Dizziness, Balance, or Tinnitus you can choose from the forms below.

Patient Intake Form

Metabolic Assessment Form

Brain Function Assessment Form
(Includes Brain Health & Nutrition Assessment)

Tinnitus Patient Inventory

Vestibular Patient Inventory

If you have upper or lower extremity complaints, please fill out the:
Peripheral Nervous System Questionnaire

If you have any cognitive concerns (memory, brain fog, history of brain injury, or neurodegenerative disease) please fill out the:
Brain Region Localization Form