Laser Treatment Success Stories

Rapid Recovery from C-Section:

"This was my second C-Section. My first I had a rough recovery. I couldn't walk well for the first 3-4 weeks, and I felt terrible. This time I started laser treatments about 5 days after my surgery and it has been 12 days since the birth of my son and I am practically back to normal. I've been walking well and feel so much better. My abs feel healed! It is incredible how quick the laser healed my muscles. I would recommend this to anyone who has had surgery. Amazing!"

Megan Smith, 6/28/12

Condition Treated For: Neuromuscular Re-education: contracted hip flexors, gluteus-medius, inner thigh, and spine. Tendon atrophy in the right foot causing hammer toes.

Prior to seeing Dr. Marquis, I had seen another chiropractor in Arroyo Grande area for approximately 7 months in 2008. I had seen this chiropractor (let's call him Dr. X) because he had a "coupon special" and, as I was new to the Central Coast, I thought I'd take advantage of the coupon.

I must say outright that Dr. X's services comprised mostly of cracking the neck and back and offerings of a diet plan. I told him that I suffered from chronic pain due to injuries sustained from a severe car crash years ago. I was essentially told that the chronic pain was all in my head. When I complained to Dr. X of muscle pain in my leg and difficulty in walking when coming out of a seated position, he figured that I had pulled a groin muscle. Dr. X ruled out laser treatment because "there are too many muscles involved" and, since I've had this condition now for a few months, "lasers couldn't help with old injuries". As the muscles continued untreated the condition worsened and I stopped seeing Dr. X. I dealt with the severe pain each and every day to the point of fatigue and exhaustion.

I then received an email from a particular Dr. David Marquis. The very 1st time I received his e-mail my instincts told me that he would be the right person for me to see, I attended a free seminar Dr. marquis was holding. At the seminar he explained about lasers, the turbo sonic, and other treatments offered at the Oak Park wellness Clinic. I proceeded to make and appointment.

Dr. Marquis not only listens, but he is very astute with diagnosis. Last but not least, Dr. Marquis puts his heart into his treatments and treats his patients with respect. He has never told me that my pain is in my head but instead has committed to healing my body by stretching and re-educating my contracted muscles and using the laser with great success. I started treatment with Dr. Marquis mid-March of 2009. Within a two-week period, I was able to leave his office walking freely, sans pain. With his instructions for exercises to do at home and regular scheduled office visits, I know that, given time, these muscle groups will be healed. Thank you Dr. Marquis for your dedication! I really do bless the day I received your e-mail.

Louise Taylor

In August of '08 I injured my shoulder swimming. After 6 months of several different treatments such as 12 weeks of physical therapy, an MRI and heavy painkillers, I was referred to Dr. Marquis. After the 1st treatment of the Laser on my shoulder for bursitis, it felt 10X better. I had given up hope of swimming before receiving treatment. Just a week after the 1st treatment I was back in the water. Thank You Dr. Marquis!!!

Grace Mann

I have suffered with degenerative joint disease in both hands for several years. I had experienced a loss of strength in my hands and wrists due to the fact it was too painful to use them. The pain was to the point where I couldn't work in our antique business any longer. I had checked with several medical professionals and had cortisone shots, and even endured painful physical therapy without getting any relief.  I was told that the only solution was to have a very complicated surgery on both hands, which had no guarantees and would be at least a year of recovery. I heard from Dr. Marquis about the K-laser Class IV treatment and the success his patients were having and I decided to try it. I noticed an immediate difference in pain level after the first few treatments and it has continued to get better with each visit. I am now able to once again work in our business and my hands, wrists, and forearms are gaining their strength back. It is wonderful to be free of constant pain, thank you, Dr. Marquis!

Ann Martines, San Luis Obispo

This is to express my gratitude to Dr. Marquis and his magic laser. I suffered from severe chronic lower back pain…level 5 to 8 and taking heavy duty medication.  Since treatment, my pain level is now 0 to 2 and I am taking no pain medication. I am being treated for other conditions as well and I am expecting equally dramatic results. I am a work in progress. I am 87 and jumping with joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Marquis.

Julie Morris, San Luis Obispo

I have been having laser treatments on my arthritic hip and back for two weeks now, 2 times per week. I can't believe the difference it is making. My pain level has gone from about an "8", on a scale of 1-10, to about a "3" and it is getting better every day. Also, I'm only feeling pain about 20-30% of the time instead off 70-80% of the time, like before. The shooting pains down my legs from sciatica are almost completely gone and so are the aches and pains that were keeping me awake at night. I'm also feeling more energetic since my body isn't drained from dealing with constant pain. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

Maile Burkard, Arroyo Grande, CA

I've been in pain for four years–tried everything except surgery for my hip. I've taken every kind of supplement for my knees and spent way too many hours babying my aching back. The laser has, in two sessions, given me back the ability to even want to exercise–to dance again, walk again. It has literally given me back the ability to go out into the world and not be afraid of the repercussions. Thank you!

Lauren Younger, Cambria, CA

I think I must have had headaches all of my life, but the first time I remember asking a doctor about them was when I was 28. I got through them the next 35 years with over the counter drugs, and then I developed a bleeding ulcer and couldn't take the O.T.C. meds any longer. 20 years ago I began getting headaches about 2-3 hours after I went to sleep, so I started on a quest to find an answer. I have done many protocols – infusions, hormone therapy, food allergies, and several different kinds of pillows. Recently my primary doctor sent me to Dr. Marquis. 3 weeks ago I started laser treatments, I have only taken 5 Maxalt in that time (I was taking 3 per day). Only 3 of the headaches in the past 3 weeks were at night. This has been the best 3 weeks of my life in 20 years!

Delphia R. Connella

For over 12 years now various parts of my body have been in chronic pain. I have been a patient of Dr. Marquis since moving to Arroyo Grande five years ago. When Dr. Marquis mentioned to me about Class IV Laser Therapy and the potential of having relief from my pain, I jumped at the opportunity. I noticed an immediate reduction in my pain level after my first treatment. Following my second treatment, a few areas of my body were completely pain-free. I now look forward to my weekly laser treatment in the hope that I will soon be completely pain-free.

Bonnie Petrusky, Arroyo Grande, CA

I was at "high pain" alert when I called to make an appointment with Dr. Marquis. I saw Dr. Marquis three times using non-force techniques and the laser healing machine. I was able to stand straight (before I was bent forward and to the side) after one appointment. The pain eased after the second appointment. I participated in the process by practicing stretching positions Dr. Marquis gave me, drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and used the positive affirmation "I am healed" along with visualizing my spine in a straight line. I returned to my twice weekly tap dancing classes at this point. By the third session I was 90% healed. Thank you, Dr. Marquis!

Jinny Moore, 61 years old, Arroyo Grande, CA

Initially the treatment was for knee malfunction – mainly an osteoarthritic condition resulting from an old injury. My left knee had been stiff and had some pain for decades and left hip painful since March of this year. With the long-term problem with the left knee, the right knee had recently begun to cause mobility problems. One K-laser treatment resulted in increased mobility of my left knee. Continued treatments – through 4 – have improved motion and reduced pain in all leg joints. An incidental treatment of a healed finger injury has reduced the pain and increased mobility of my left index finger.

James R. Brownell, Ph.D., Cambria, CA

Within a six week period, Dr. David Marquis has made it possible for me to walk and stand without pain. I had been almost unable to function. Now I walk easily, my legs no longer hurt, and life again feels worth living. What a wonderful change!

Marian Gautier, Avila Beach, CA

The laser treatment and you are thought of each and every time I stand from a sitting position. The pain is almost totally gone. I don't even think about it when I get up and do something after sitting for long or short periods. There is no pain. The laser works . . . I can hardly express the relief I have received from one treatment. You are a gifted healer.

Loretta McKinney (retired ER nurse who has suffered 25 years with chronic LBP)

I am a 67-year-old man. For half of 2007, my left knee had been painful and debilitating: pain on the order of 5 or 6 on a scale of 10. In bed, there was no completely comfortable position for my leg and it would take longer than usual to fall asleep. After my first laser treatment with Dr. Marquis my knee felt considerably better. I had the first follow up treatment two days later. By that time I was very nearly pain free. My third treatment relieved the remaining pain completely. This was dramatic pain relief! I began gardening again and using my treadmill for exercise. My knee is now untroubled and normal, without pain, and I have resumed all of my normal activities.

Richard Woodworth, Los Osos, CA

I had been suffering signifigant pain (7 on a scale of 10) in the back of my head virtually every day for several weeks. This was a condition that developed following surgery on my thyroid at Stanford University Hospital. Dr. Marquis utilized the laser before cervical manipulation, and I must say the positive results were immediate and somewhat astounding to me. I now am in a position to manage when I occasionally have this pain, no comparison to the chronic and continual pain level which existed before my treatment. Thank you Dr. Marquis for your help when I was so much in need.

Gregory B. Wellman, Merced, California

After 2 years of physical therapy in two different offices and three orthopedic surgeons recommendations for a total knee replacement I had a consult with Dr. Marquis. I had five K-Laser treatments and I began to have mobility, no pain, and reduction of the swelling and size of the Bakers cyst. I am now back into exercise with a personal trainer, hiking in the mountains, walking four to five miles and even horseback riding with no pain. I am thrilled with my progress and have recommended Dr. Marquis to many of my friends.

Patti Hempenius, RN - San Luis Obispo

Condition Treated: Chronic Low Back Pain – (Over 30 years of 7/10 pain)

Today was the First Day of my life (since I was 16 years old anyhow) that I felt nearly no acute pain. I'm 47 years old and chronic pain is part of my life and consumes my day and also what little sleep I may have. After a ½ hour treatment of K-Laser on my body I was asked to stand and walk. To my astonishment there was no pain. The pain that controlled my life left me bed ridden in acute pain often and on good days was still a horrible pain and after surgery still remained very painful and debilitating to my life. Today is the start of a new way of thinking for a pain free day; and with follow up, hopefully a pain free life. I'm so astonished with the results!
See you all in the ocean swimming with dolphins!
Thank you for getting me back to a Beautiful Life Dr. David Marquis!
My First Pain Free Day!

Dean Bernal (Dean & JoJo)

"I am a patient of Dr. Marquis, who is treating me for chronic arthritis pain in my hands. He "Cleaned Up" my diet and started treatment with the "Rebuilder". My hands are now very nimble and pain free and the first relief was achieved within 24 hours. Who needs to say any more than that! It Works -'Nuf Said'- Except to highly recommend Dr. Marquis and his staff to anyone with pain."

Robert Burridge Dec 2010

Eight years ago I ruptured a disc and was left with pain down my left leg and numbness in my foot. For years, I haven't been able to move the 4 smallest toes. After one laser treatment, I could again move 3 of the toes. (after 3 treatments this patient was able to move all toes again and the pain and numbness were greatly (>50%) diminished.)

Karl J. Zink, Corrales, NM