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Lemons in Water and

Silver-based Antimicrobial Solution

March 8, 2008


Check out my new website, it will continue to be updated regularly as I add more content and recent health related information. Current available topics include Class IV laser videos, Turbosonic info (awesome for anyone with incontinence, osteoporosis, or fatigue). Our patients are having phenomenal results on this unit. Also there is good info on the topic of Live Cell analysis which is a great way to get a look at your cells in action!

Todays health tip is something I came across the other day from Dr. Mercola and that is to avoid the lemon in your water when you eat out at restaurants. You may think that is strange advice but you will clearly understand when you watch this video.

Click this link for the actual research behind this video on lemons in water.

Now that you have been thoroughly grossed out I want to let you know about a formula called Argentyn 23. It is a silver based antimicrobial solution commonly referred to as a colloidal silver but more appropriately named a hydrosol. It is absolutely the safest silver solution on the market and also the most effective at stopping an infection. I highly recommend you keep a bottle on hand to spray in the sinuses and the liquid for systemic use. It really is amazing at how quickly it protects you. I have more information on this by request.

Hope that information was helpful. I will generate useful tips and updates as frequently as time allows. If you have any questions or need to contact me feel free to call, e-mail or drop on by. If I am not lasering, counseling on nutrition or adjusting my patients I will be running around with this crazy bunch I fondly call my family zoo!

Best of Health to You,

Dr. Dave Marquis, DC, DACBN
Oak Park Wellness Clinic
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