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Healing from the Inside Out

What's the Difference?

May 15, 2008


You may be asking yourself "What on earth could a dog, cat, and rat have to do with healing?"

Well, I was putting together a lesson that I was scheduled to teach on the topic of overcoming trials and I started to think about obstacles to the healing process that we must overcome on the path to restoring our health.

As I was thinking about this I came across this "You Tube" clip that brought a big smile to my face. It was filmed in Santa Barbara so some of you may have actually seen these amazing animals and their trainer but it is news to me so I thought I would pass it along to you all. I realized that if a dog, cat, and rat could be best friends then truly anything is possible. Seeing that video helped reinforce in my mind the importance of first determining what we want and that we will be well and then acting upon the decision one day at a time as help and information become available to us.

All too often we expect our bodies to never wear out and when they do we then expect them to heal in unrealistically short periods of time. More often than not the problems I see are chronic in nature and some type of repetitive activity, food sensitivity, allergy, old poorly healed trauma or postural fault has led us to the point where the body no longer can compensate for our faults and pain or dysfunction are the result.

In most cases the situation can be remedied but it first requires an understanding of what went wrong, then a determination to change, then consistency in making the necessary changes that would allow the body to heal.
Along the way us doctor types can provide the necessary information and tools to allow the healing process to occur but ultimately the responsibility is on the individual to carry out the work.

I have been blessed this past year to witness the advance of laser therapies in conservative health care and have been impressed with its ability to dramatically speed the healing process but even with the laser the patient still needs to commit to positive changes whether they be dietary, exercise, or postural. It is only when the individual commitment meets with consistently beneficial activity do we actually witness true healing.

My wish for all my patients is a pain free, fulfilling and functional life. If you are living less than that then determine now what it is that is standing in your way and commit to making a positive change then make the change.

If I can be of assistance in any way take the time to pick up the phone and lets get you moving in the right direction. Remember, if a Dog, Cat, and Rat can be friends then we should be able to accomplish anything we put our minds to!

Here is the link to the video:

Best of Health to You,

Dr. Dave Marquis, DC, DACBN
Oak Park Wellness Clinic
860 Oak Park Blvd. #202
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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