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A Fence on the Cliff or

an Ambulance in the Valley?

or An Ounce of Prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Septenber 7, 2008


When I read the article in the New York Times entitled "Weight Drives the Young to Adult Pills, Data Says" written By Stephanie Saul I nearly lost the voice inside my head I began yelling so loudly to myself.

Has our society become so apathetic that we truly can do no better than to medicate our 6 and 10 year olds with Statins (to lower cholesterol), antidepressants, and Blood Pressure medications to name a few?

How did we get here you may ask? well, here is a clue borrowed from Dr. Joe Mercolas site:

"Do the Following Facts About Americans Surprise You?

  • Two out three are overweight
  • One of three has either diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Cancer is now the number one cause of death

If you are surprised then the following facts help to explain these statistics:

  • 90% of the money Americans spend on food is for processed foods
  • The number one source of calories in America is the sugar in sodas
  • In a typical year the average Americans consumes:
    • Over 56 gallons of soda a year
    • 150 hamburgers
    • 200 orders of fries "

I realize that as readers of my newsletter I am probably preaching to the choir but we all know people so hopefully his information will get into the hands of someone it can help.

We can stop the insanity but it will require doing something that some doctor's feel is beyond our abilities. In regards to the recent press on medicating pediatric patients one prominent Pediatrician Doctor from Los Angeles was quoted as saying "Since lifestyle is so difficult, we have no other choice but to go to pharmacotherapy".

Now when someone has allowed their situation to become so extreme that their immediate life is endangered I would agree that pharmacological intervention would be potentially necessary. However to concede that lifestyle is too difficult is akin to waving the white flag.

On the contrary I believe we have no other choice than to shake the dust off our feet and correct our lifestyles that are causing the diseases we are suffering from at ever increasing rates. No one is holding a gun to our head telling us to eat the way we do. It is a choice and we need to (as a nation) wake up and make the right choices.

Many of the health problems we get into can be undone with the right information and implementation of that education. Please do not give up on yourself or loved ones. There are answers if different questions are asked that will lead to restored levels of health.

There are functional tests available today that provide all the necessary information to make dietary and nutritional changes that will correct many if not most of the problems we are collectively facing.

Every day I see lives change for the better but it requires an understanding that health comes from the inside out and what happens on the inside is largely determined by what we put there.

I will keep you informed of lectures I provide on this or similar topics but in the mean time I highly recommend the following book by Dr. Michael R. Lyon entitled "Is your child's brain starving" - Food not drugs for life and learning. It is an easy read and comes equipped with several case studies and clear dietary recommendations for specific conditions and situations.

Best of Health to You,

Dr. Dave Marquis, DC, DACBN
Oak Park Wellness Clinic
860 Oak Park Blvd. #202
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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