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What's Blocking Your Success?

Want a remarkably effective method for overcoming physical and mental hurdles? Check out EFT, It's a new twist on Ancient Chinese Acupuncture and Modern Psychology and it delivers on its claims!

November 10, 2008


Today I want to share with you a concept that will blow right through any
road block you may be dealing with. The concept I am referring to goes by
the acronym EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. When I first discovered it
about 3 years ago I was extremely skeptical so as you read through and
watch these video clips I would encourage you to suspend your disbelief and
open yourself up to the possibilities that this technique offers. It is
really quite incredible. We will be hosting a complimentary workshop on EFT in January
2009 in our office.

Let's look at two common areas of complaint such as excessive weight and
chronic pain. Do you tire of going from miracle diet to miracle diet with
limited or no success? How about pain? How many new doctors, therapists,
programs, medications or pieces of exercise equipment have you tried while
still dealing with a persistent pain?

Do you stop a program of exercise, dieting or therapy just before you are
about to succeed? Do you have expectations for a change to occur in your
body but lack the patience to allow it to occur? What limits are you
putting on your ability to achieve success?

An important part of my work is getting a patient to see what they can
become. Often we have accepted our undesirable situation so fully that it
causes great mental frustration and conflict attempting to view ourselves
free of our physical or mental shackles.

Every year I find it almost an exercise in futility to start a patient on
a modified eating plan for weight loss or for reduction of inflammation
(pain) during the months of November to January. It is truly a rare
individual who has the intestinal fortitude to fore go the inevitable peer
pressure of eating the traditional holiday fare that in many if not most
cases would exacerbate their adverse condition. The same difficulty often
lies in continuance of a newly started exercise routine.

Thinking about this I decided to share a brief list of blocks to success
that I came across some time back. If you find yourself in this list then
read on because I have an incredible solution for you as well and you can
do it yourself!

Top 10 Mental Blocks to Success
Each of us has a vision of what success is…
Why don’t we then go for it? Which of these do you have?

  • We believe it is not possible. "That's a pipe dream. Do not bother."
  • We think it's too hard. "I do not want to pay the price/do the work/wait that long."
  • We cannot figure out how to do it, or where to start. "I have to know how first."
  • We are not receptive to help. "I do not trust advice."
  • We are not ready for the change it would bring. "I'd have to learn new things."
  • We do not feel we deserve a better life. "This is all I deserve."
  • We feel guilty if we have a better life than our parents.
  • We are scared to see the truth about ourselves.
  • We believe that we don't have enough time.
  • We believe that we don't have enough money.

Well, If any of these negative beliefs sound familiar then put January
22nd, 2009 on your calendar. Also, check out the brief video clips below
to get an idea of what this work is about.

On Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 from 6-8 PM we will be hosting a workshop at my office on this topic of overcoming mental and physical blocks. It will be facilitated by
Mia Simmons who has successfully helped a number of my patients overcome hurdles to their success. I encourage all to attend as it will be our gift to you to start the year off right.

The following are EFT Documentary Clips:
EFT Documentary Trailer
EFT Trailer #2
Last 5 Minutes of EFT Documentary

My wish for all my patients is a pain free, fulfilling and functional
life. We are dedicated to help you make the positive changes necessary for
your success in health.

Best of Health,

Dr. Dave Marquis
860 Oak Park Blvd. #202
Arroyo Grande, Ca 93420

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