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Vitamin D Update

In addition to everything else it helps our muscles too!



Well, by you now are pretty familiar with my rantings on this topic. But indulge me a bit longer because it keeps getting better!

I have mentioned the important role that Vitamin D plays in preventing Cancer, fighting infections (like the flu), and of course building bone.

Now the research indicates it helps dementia, and cognition as well as enhancing muscle building and muscle function.

In a study of 99 twelve to fourteen year old girls they found that adequate vitamin D stores in the body had a definite effect on how high they could jump as well as how fast their muscles responded. This is big stuff for the athletes out there.

The broader implication of this research is of particular interest to those over 60. For example, a common complaint that I deal with is the loss of balance and feeling sure footed. This is a huge deal for patients over 65 due to the risk of hip fracture from falling. Well, what this research implies is that in addition to exercise such as the Turbosonic unit which I discussed last month and balance training that we do on wobble boards, supplementation with vitamin D will also enhance lean muscle mass development and function.

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