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Swine Flu

Is the Health Policy going to be Shoot & First Ask Questions Later?

August 20, 2009

Well, there has been a subtle decrease in the "bought and paid for" media blast of daily panic but I anticipate the onslaught of mis-information to begin again shortly. The current talk on the street is that come October there may be a push to vaccinate all of our kids across the nation not once but twice for this virus.

This however is not something that I recommend and will not be putting into my body at all for the following reasons.

The last swine flu vaccine left more dead and damaged than the actual virus. This new vaccine is not anticipated to be greatly different and it contains an adjuvant called "squalene". You may recall that this is the ingredient in the anthrax vaccines that is suspected of creating the "Gulf War Syndrome" in the many thousands of Gulf War Vets that developed inexplicable persistent weakness, fatigue, joint pain after being exposed to the vaccines.

It is true that squalene is naturally occurring in things like Olive Oil and found in many parts of our body. However the route of admission to the body appears to make a big difference in how we react to it. When we ingest it in small amounts like in Olive Oil it acts as an immune stimulant. When we inject it our body does not respond so favorably in fact it attacks specific tissues it is found in including your own joints. Sounds great huh? Personally I would rather take my chances at a week of bed rest rather than a potential lifetime of damaged nerves and joints.

Secondly, remember Baxter Pharmaceutical? They are the clever company that released Live Bird Flu in their vaccine. Many suspect this was an attempt to create a pandemic from which they would profit wildly. Well, with companies such as that being involved in the new vaccine production I have very little faith that their end product is going to be that desirable.

Lastly, Vitamin D has consistently shown to be more effective at stopping an infection than these toxic vaccinations. For a review of that topic I will refer you to a prior newsletter article that lists what to take to protect yourself from the flu.

So, when the time comes for mass vaccinations make sure you are educated and make an informed choice so you don't have to "shoot first and ask questions later".


More Laser Success

What a wonderful tool this has been and after 2 years we are just scratching the surface of treatment possibilities. Every day brings new information. Here is another great success testimonial.

"In August of ’08 I injured my shoulder swimming. After 6 months of several different treatments such as 12 weeks of physical therapy, an MRI and heavy painkillers, I was referred to Dr. Marquis. After the 1st treatment of the Laser on my shoulder for bursitis, it felt 10X better. I had given up hope of swimming before receiving treatment. Just a week after the 1st treatment I was back in the water. Thank You Dr. Marquis!!!"

Grace Mann


Xylitol vs Fluoride
What's the best way to protect your teeth?

I commented on this topic about 6 years ago and started using the Xylitol gum and sugar substitute and since that time it has become quite prevalent in most chewing gums and for good reason. Research has shown that regular use of this alternative to sugar cuts the incidence of dental carries (cavities) as well as the frequency of sinus infections by up to 50%.

You see, Xylitol is a 5 based sugar compound that our body does not digest and bacteria cannot digest it either yet they still have a strong binding affinity for it. Subsequently it actually cleans the teeth of bacteria when chewed or swallowed.

Although the Finnish have known this for over 30 years a new study out of the University of Washington showed that use of Xylitol was twice as effective as fluoride treatments in stopping cavities. Not bad for something that tastes so sweet! Too bad it has taken us this long to accept the researchers from Scandinavia.

Another sugar substitute that you may consider is Stevia and its cousin Truvia. Both of these are readily available in every grocery store. The latter is a modified form of Stevia that bears none of the after taste associated with the natural Stevia plant. In fact it tastes so good there is rumor that Coca Cola is going to use it with their original formula to make a truly sugar free soda with none of the downsides associated with the typical artificial sweeteners.

Best of Health to You,

Dr. Dave Marquis, DC, DACBN
Oak Park Wellness Clinic
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Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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