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Food Intolerances -

the hidden and unrecognized enemy

An Editiorial by Dr. John Pridgeon: February 17, 2009

Originally published in Vibrations Magazine - South Africa

(Adapted for use)


Geneticist have worked out that our genome (total genetic make up) has changed only 0.02% over the time that man has walked the earth– so we are in fact very similar organisms to our ancient ancestors, and our gastrointestinal and immune systems have not altered much either. Since then though, our diet has changed enormously, and our industry and intelligence (we have tamed and domesticated many animal species, and can grow and store all of the grains) has ensured that we can conveniently eat the same thing all of the time, without adequate variation or rotation. The food availability that we have so cleverly engineered, has ultimately shot us in the foot, as this the main reason for the epidemic of food allergies, and the problems that these things cause.

We can now eat our favourite foods without any break, which nature had obviously intended as a safeguard against repeated exposure, sensitisation and the development of an allergic reaction. This ubiquitous eating habit (do you know anyone who does not eat the same foods day in and day out?) is called “high risk eating.”

And with good reason….

Our immune systems, if they are exposed to anything often enough, tend to become sensitised to that thing, which then becomes an “allergic trigger”. This sensitisation develops over time into a stronger and stronger allergic reaction. The immunologists have identified six distinctly different types of allergy (I bet you did not know this either), but today I am writing about just one. And it’s a sneaky and unrecognised little so and so.

If the allergy YOU have developed is the so called delayed allergy or intolerance, then your allergic or toxic reaction will eventually cause a considerable ongoing inflammatory response, if left unchecked. And it is this response in turn, that leads to the development of different symptoms and diseases in different people. This inflammation will cause an intractable dermatitis or eczema in one individual for example, a migraine headache in another and a reactive arthritis in a third.

And the delay between your exposure to the trigger food and the resultant symptoms is usually about 2-3 DAYS, but can be as long as 7 days…you can eat a food today, and the outcome of your immune reaction to it may only become evident in a week’s time!!

Which is why food intolerances have been also dubbed “hidden” food allergies.

It bothers me that there are so many people out there that are trying to live normal lives while they are being hammered by the consequences of their many food intolerances, and they know no better than to manage these using painkillers, cortisone, antihistamines and other symptom maskers. Anyone reading this will agree that it is way better to stop the cause than simply to try to improve the effect.

It also bothers me that health and dietary professionals continue to fail to recognise that a simple blood test, and a well worked out system of dietary manipulation using the results of this test, can free their patients from diseases that demolish their quality of life. It is very sad that people are still today held hostage by diseases caused by what is essentially a problem that is very easy to manage.

The most fundamental allergic principle around, is that if one identifies one’s allergic trigger, and avoids that trigger, the resultant symptoms and disease will simply…... go …….away.

We have found that with a simple blood test you can show any individual which are their safe or non reactive foods, and if that person eats ONLY those foods, then their hyperactive immune systems will become quiescent – and whatever problem they have that is caused by their allergic reaction to foods will improve, and often disappear, as if by magic. And even better, if they continue to avoid their reactive foods for 3-6 months the immune memory for their reactive foods will be forgotten, and so these foods may then be reintroduced to their diet, without any fear of an immune reaction. Their allergic button can be reset to zero.

The ALCAT Test and its dietary system requires no magic, no drugs, and no surgery. Just common sense, a little compliance and the application of known physiological principles, using a carefully worked out, tried and trusted eating method.

The next time you chat to a person who suffers from a chronic condition that defies the usual orthodox medical methods of diagnosis and treatment (especially headaches and migraines, arthritis, gut issues, or a chronic skin condition) you might want to tell them that help is at hand. If they manage their food intolerances using a blood test that is now available in over 30 countries worldwide, there is a better than 80% chance that their problem will be helped or cured.

That’s a MUCH better deal than their last practitioner offered. Natural, and drug free …