Mind Mapping and Neurofeedback


Mindmapping Image Neurofeedback is intended for people with neurological and nervous system conditions. Here is a list of symptoms that are shown in research studies to be clinically responsive to neurofeedback:

  • ADD / ADHD

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"I really feel like the NFB therapy is helping. I am having more and more moments where I realize things are just quiet in the ol' noggin. It catches me by surprise sometimes and is really nice - all that endless chatter just subsides for a bit. The anxiety is much improved and I haven't felt like I've needed Kavinace for the past 5 days. Thank you very much for suggesting it."
     - Julie

(NFB stands for Neural Feedback Therapy, and Kavince is a medicinal for anxiety)


The following are testimonials from parents of children on the Autism Spectrum and ADHD. 

"Hi Dr Marquis,

I just wanted to send you an update on how Delaney is doing with her (Neurofeedack) therapy. I was sharing with the girls up front and they encouraged me to email you.

Since Delaney started her therapy, we have noticed her playing on her own. For example, playing with dolls and talking for them as she acts out scenes. She was never able to do this before. She has had toys still wrapped from Christmas in her closet that she is finally pulling out to play with!

Also we have noticed more creativity! If she ever colored pictures they would tend to be 1 color (the entire picture!). Now she loves to color and is using tons of different colors and even making designs in her pictures. Those are the biggest changes we have seen!

She is definitely more alert to the things around her, where as before she was just in her own world. We do notice that she is a little louder and hyper at times. But we are so excited with all the positive changes, that it's easy to overlook the negative! Wanted to thank you again for all your time and help with Delaney! We look forward to seeing more improvements down the road!!!


Hi Dr. Dave,

Today Tyler saw his Psychiatrist (Dr. R), for his med review. I told him about the (NeruoFeedback) mind mapping and how Tyler’s sensitivity to having his head touched for hair washing and combing has improved 100%. He was very impressed and said that the touch sensitivity in Autistic individuals is one of the most difficult aspects to deal with and he is amazed at Tyler’s improvement. Tyler also brought his math grade from F to C.

Today he spent 3 plus hours “building” a hang glider. It was very impressive to see how he translated what he saw on a you-tube video into an actual structure. It was refreshing to see him so focused and driven on a project and take initiative and run with it. Dr. R wants to work with you and understand what you are doing. He hopes to diminish Tyler’s meds. I gave him your phone number and Monday I will give him your email. This is exciting!


Dr. Marquis
Thank you!

Even though I've been updating you with the problems we have been having there have been so many changes! He talks sooo much more, keeps eye contact, is calmer in alot of situations and wants some alone time/quiet time. Those are all new things. Christian slept with him a couple nights and said he hasnt been waking up at all or moving as much as he use too! Plus he has been sleeping till 6/6:30 ( use to be 4:45/5). Huge improvements soo far!!



This is from a patient who suffered with fatigue, brain fog and anxiety:

Hi Dr. Marquis,

(Since starting the Neurofeedback) I'm noticing that I am functioning much better and I've had several memories come back. I had "lost" most of my childhood memories which was disturbing to me and now they are flooding back. Thankfully - I had a good childhood so it's a pleasant experience. I'm also able to focus better and think through processes much better. I'm able to do Sudoku now and I wasn't able to think through these puzzles before.




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